Bobby Wallisch Jr. & Acid.Prof – “Hold On, by Bobby Wallisch Jr.” y “The Vampyre” (Austria)

Kilate Tesla x Jeon – “DOGGY” (Paises Bajos)

Tablefox – “Only a Matter of Time” (Australia)

Itopi – “Dime qué pasa” (Francia)

Quincy Jamal – “Bigger Things” (Estados Unidos)

Revolucien x A-P Connection x Matthew Clanton – “I Feel The Music (Radio Edit)” (Francia)

Mcclendon – “Drum” (USA)

Sponsored Content – “Red Wine & Purple Kombucha (feat. N3ptune)” (USA)

Milk St. – “Peyote” (USA)

The Great Heights Band – “Above the Water” (USA)

Heather Mirage – “Bumpy Track” (Suecia)

L.i.B – “Yummy Yumm (Libchata)” (USA)

Too Many Suns – “Gold” (Portugal)

Tower Brothers – “Underneath” (USA)

Holi Fools – “California Sunset” (Paises Bajos)

Alan Walker x Zak Abel – “Endless Summer” (noruega)

Star2 – “Outside (feat. $tupid Young)” (USA)

Enon – “SupaCool” (USA)

Mother Fungus – “Eschatology” (USA)

54 Reasons – “If It’s Not Champagne Apple & Honey, It’s Kraft Mayo” (USA)

Sea Lemon – “Vaporized” (USA)

Darren Sullivan – “No Discord” y “Said It the Same” (USA)