Subway Rat – “Mouth 2 Mouth” (USA)

Annie Taylor – “Schoolgirl” (Suiza)

Swaye – “Getting Back To You” (USA)

ANTH x Corey Nyell – “Thank You” (feat. Corey Nyell) (USA)

Roland Albertson – “She Is Fire” (Sudafrica)

Hollow Graves – “High Exposure” (Canadá)

about-faces – “Under the Sun” (Reino Unido)

Suspect Down – “Rain Comes Down” (USA)

Jake Huffman – “Vampires In Hippie Clothes” (USA)

FreePaysTheSoul – “Nostalgia” (USA)

Tais – “Alter Ego” (USA)

homesick aliens – “matador” (USA)

Willie Millionare – “THROWIN 1s” (USA)

Age of Iguana – “Somethin’ about you” (Australia)

Otis Infrastructure – “Razor’s Edge” (USA)

Foster Ford – “Lily-Rose” (Francia)

Guteren – “Kaleidoscope” (USA)

The Palava – “Useless” (Reino Unido)

Towne & Stevens – “Please Hold the Line” (Estados Unidos)

Sandy Hawkins – “Modelos” (Estados Unidos)